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"The institution of marriage is in serious trouble today.  What is it going to take to get it back on track?  I believe marriage can be revitalized."  Charlie P. Johnston

The plan and purpose of this book is to direct individuals to the best and most reliable sourcebook on marriage, the Bible.  This work is offered with the conviction that the Word of God contains every pertinent principle that a husband and wife will ever need in order to make their marriage beautiful, exciting, and successful.  It is here, in the pages of the Bible, that they can find the understanding and enlightenment they need to build an enduring, gratifying, marriage union.  The format of this book is to search out each and every Scripture that pertains to husbands and wives and the roles they must embrace.



No Such Thing as Luck                     $12.95


No Such Thing as Luck seeks to remove the idea of being lucky from our thinking and believing. 

Johnston teaches that life is never influenced by luck, fate, fortune, destiny, or chance.  When the supposed action of luck or chance is removed as a possibility for the cause of any event, we stand in a far better position to understand truth!

Generations upon generations have talked of fate, destiny, fortune, and chance.  Few understand their origin, let alone their true meaning.  Yet, millions today continue to embrace these outrageous beliefs.  What do you personally believe about luck?  Do you need luck by your side to have great success?  

Johnston says, "NO WAY! Your  life is never influenced by luck.  If my book is successful, you will place the use of luck, beside the other four letter words your Momma taught you not to use."

New Song Book
plus audio
"My Cup Runneth Over"

​12 original songs arranged for voice with guitar and piano accompaniment. This collection of new uplifting hymns features melodies with four part harmony and large individual lyrics pages with guitar chords.  The songs teach about God’s goodness, His power and His loving care for His people.  

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