First Review
​5.0 out of 5 stars This information is an eye opening revelation to truth.  Outstanding material!  January 14, 2014
By Dean 
This review is from: Marriage According to His Book: God's Marriage Plan (Paperback)
​If you are in a marriage or if you’re ever plan to be, this should be required reading 101.  The author has brought forth information that is horribly lacking in our society today, and I for one believe this book will change peoples lives for the better.  I am thankful and blessed to have read it and I am sure others will feel the same.  Great piece of work Mr. Johnston!

Preview to: Marriage According to His Book 

It has been a joyous adventure to study the  depth of God’s Word pertaining to  
marriage. This book is offered with a deep  sense of humility. There is no claim on my  
part to being a renowned marriage  authority. However, God is the expert on  
marriage. He alone has the first and the last  word about the subject of marriage  
because it’s His institution. Today,  nearly one out of two marriages end in  
divorce. Clearly there is a vast gap of  understanding among the general public  
about what marriage is, and is not. This  book is offered as a help and a guide to  
bring stability, strength, and stamina to a  marriage union.  
 The plan and purpose of this book is to  direct individuals to the best and most  
reliable sourcebook on marriage, the Bible.  This work is offered with the conviction  
that the Word of God contains every  pertinent principle that a husband and wife  
will need in order to make their marriage  beautiful, exciting, and successful. It is  
here, in the pages of the Bible, that they  can find the understanding and  

enlightenment they need to build an  enduring, gratifying, marriage union. The  
format of this book is to search out each  and every scripture that pertains to  
husbands and wives and the roles they  must embrace.  
 Those who have chosen to castigate the  Bible, and what it sets forth concerning  
marriage, will reject this book. They have  the right to do so. On the other hand, those  
who choose to put on the mind of Christ  and practice the firm and lasting marriage  
principles set forth in the Bible can and will  enjoy a wonderful satisfying marriage  

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