This book is written to those who are already born-again of God's spirit and those who will become so. I am the first to realize that this book will have little appeal to those who fit neither of these two categories. However, anyone might find it of interest to understand the origin and development of luck's meaning. When the supposed action of luck or chance is removed as a possibility for the cause of any event, we are then in a far better position to understand truth. This book seeks to remove the luck factor from our thinking and believing. Deceiving beliefs and teachings about luck, fate, destiny, lot, fortune, and chance abound worldwide. Society, as a whole, embraces these ideas. The Christian community of believers is bombarded constantly by all of these wayward notions. The purpose of this work is to alert and enlighten God's people regarding the idolatrous nature and meaning of these popular belief systems. After reading this book, no one need fall prey to these cleverly devised concepts with their crafty meanings. Either a man is willing to show meekness toward the Word of God or he is hard-hearted. This book is addressed to the meek of heart; those who rejoice in the Truth. The non-denominational, non-sectarian approach of this work should make it a helpful and relevant source of Information and enlightenment to Christian believers worldwide.                                                    * * * * * *   This book is written with the resolve that God’s Word can be trusted over and above any man’s word. The author also believes the Bible [God’s Word] is the only reliable foundation for life and living and every diligent, honest searching of the Bible will produce meaningful answers. Consequently, this book should appeal to Christian believers who love the Bible and its contents. This work is offered to the serious-hearted believer who is willing to investigate its contents and be challenged to change their thinking when It is necessary.                                                    * * * * * *   The choice to utilize the 1968 College Edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary as a primary source is based upon its widespread availability and its ease of readability.

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